Jen Hinkle is straight-up weird.

She plays bass trombone both commercially and classically; she paints velociraptors into classical masterworks; she models; she rides a unicycle. Obviously. She seriously just does whatever she wants - and figures out how to make it work as she goes. This often means her life is a chaotic mess, but it also means that she creates amazing and unique experiences for herself and others by taking the kind of risks that no one else is insane enough to try.  For example, she went from being a fully-employed classical musician on the West Coast to being a commercial player on the East Coast. She did it because it was time to grow and she doesn’t have time for fear. 

Jen currently resides in New York City where she is the Artist Director and bass trombonist of the Calliope Brass Quintet. She has performed in over 20 musical theater productions across the US in a myriad of major theaters and can be regularly seen playing in several Broadway shows in NYC.  She writing this from a Broadway pit right now, in fact.  True story.  And no, she won’t tell you which one because she would like to avoid side eye from the music director as much as possible.

Playing jazz has always been a passion of Jen’s - and getting to be the bass trombonist for the Afrobop Alliance and the Dan Pugach Nonet makes her exceedingly happy and confident that her drastic life and career change was worth all the trouble. 

As a classical musician, she formerly held the position of Bass Trombonist for the Spokane Symphony and has played with many professional orchestras including the Seattle Symphony, the Oregon Symphony, the Pacific Northwest Ballet, and the New Haven Symphony.  She still plays in orchestras - but now only when she really wants to.  Which she thinks is totally awesome.

Jen Hinkle is an Edwards performing artist.

Embrace your weirdness! Make the world creative!